Facts You Should Know About Skincare

Top 3 Natural Skincare Ingredients

Facts You Should Know About Skincare

How much do you really know about your skincare products? Labels lead you to believe a cream is natural, or a moisturizer will control your oil or a spot treatment will zap that blemish. Results depend on your own chemistry, and only science can tell you what can truly help your skin.

Current Skincare

Most people purchase their skincare based on marketing, which is only superficial. Big brands are not in the business of clearing your skin. They are in the business of selling you more and more products, each less effective than the one before. Breaking the cycle is up to you, and it starts with educating yourself.

Things You Should Know

One common misconception is that the skin will absorb whatever you put on. Unfortunately most products, even some very expensive ones, only sit on the outside layers of the skin, or epidermis. That means those rare ingredients and supposed miracle serums are only touching the surface. Getting to the core of our skin – the dermis – requires more than just a fancy advertisement or celebrity endorsement.

Scientific Skincare

Technology keeps extending its reach into our lives, but not into our skincare. Using the same ingredients we use for food in skincare means it’s safe to eat. How many products can say that? Here we’re going to breakdown some natural ingredients that your skin will actually soak up.

  1. Caviar: These little fish eggs are rich in nutrients, vitamins and rare acids that stimulate cell regrowth. When obtained ethically and legally, caviar packs and rich punch of protein to the skin.
  2. Algae: Maybe you’ve seen this sensational antioxidant popping up in products. It’s got sky-high levels of Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids to repair and condition.
  3. Pearl Extract: Another natural marine complex, this special substance has minerals and amino acids and has been used in holistic medicine for centuries. It nourishes cells and slows down aging by improving the skin’s metabolism.  

These are only a few of the powerful ingredients most skincare companies aren’t using. Notice some trends? The ocean is frothing with substances that clinical studies prove effective.

A New Approach to Skincare

Chances are, the best ingredients for your skin are things you’ve heard of before. The challenge is fomulting them into skincare, and making those products affordable. Combining those ingredients with many more for a results-driven complete skincare solution is a whole new approach to old fashioned skincare.


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Lack of self-care knowledge

  • Visual marketing overshadows actual results. Superficial.
  • Why aren’t we taking advantage of age science in skincare? Lack of knowledge
  • Educating clients on what ingredients and regimen they need
  • Bridge between education and expectation