You can remove red spider veins from your cheeks and face, and finally have the even skin tone you’ve always wanted.


For optimal results, 1-4 treatments are needed

Results will last years to permanent

Over 9 600 treatments have been done

Rehabilitation time: up to 1 week

Local numbing applied

Suitable for all skin types, not suitable for darker skin tones

Broken Capillaries Face Treatment

Couperose, also known as telangiectasia, is a condition in which broken blood vessels (like spider veins) sit just under the surface of the skin. This makes the capillaries visible and difficult to hide, even with makeup. Telangiectasia can be difficult to manage. Does it feel impossible to cover your spider veins, even with makeup? Do you have red blotches on your face or uneven coloring all the time?

You can remove your burst capillaries!

At Novuskin, you can remove your red, blotchy, uneven tone, and even dissolve the blood vessels that give you irritated skin with scientific, technology-based skin treatments.

Come talk to us at Novuskin to discover if there is a telangiectasia treatment that’s right for you.

What Are the Symptoms of Telangiectasia?

Telangiectasia on the face is a fairly common skin concern. While it isn’t dangerous, many people find it unsightly and look for ways to reduce the redness the spider web-looking capillaries cause. If left untreated, couperose can worsen.

Symptoms of telangiectasia in women and men:

  • Visible red and purple blood vessels that appear just below the skin
  • Pain (due to excess pressure on veins and venules)
  • Thread-like or web-like patterns on the skin
  • Premature aging due to weakened blood vessels
  • Increased skin sensitivity
  • Red, itchy skin on the face
  • Pink skin that won’t fade

Where does couperose appear on the body?

Couperose usually appears on the face, and often begins as small, barely noticeable veins in the cheeks. Sometimes, people first notice the spider web veins around their nose and under their nose. If left untreated, the veins will usually spread, becoming darker in color and branching outward. They’ll also begin to affect the chin and around the mouth. It’s less common to see couperose around the eyes or on the neck.
The most commonly affected areas on the face:




If you’re experiencing the effects of couperose, there is help!

Best Treatments for Couperose Skin

Topical ointments do little to control the symptoms or spread of couperose. At best, they may offer symptomatic relief. For facial spider vein removal, the recommended treatment is an IPL Photofacial. At Novuskin, we use the most advanced, technology and products to help remove your broken capillaries and get you the skin you’ve been dreaming of.


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Broken Capillaries on Face Treatment Cost

Novuskin offers flexible and affordable membership options to keep treatment for couperose costs among the lowest in our industry. At Novuskin, you’ll never worry about unexpected expenses and enormous investments to reach your skincare goals.

Our all inclusive memberships with a set price are the affordable solution you’ve been searching for.

*Cost and payment options are always fully discussed at your initial consultation.

Learn more about our affordable Novuskin VIP membership options.

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Сelebrities with Spider Veins on Their Face

Even celebrities get telangiectasia. While they may look flawless on screen, celebrities have all types of skin conditions, including the unsightly redness caused by spider veins on their face.

Renée Zellweger

Prince Harry

Gwyneth Paltrow

Cameron Diaz

Britney Spears

Celebrities use the same treatments we offer to help control and dissolve their spider veins.
At Novuskin, we use the world’s best couperose treatment technology and make it affordable for you!

How Do You Get Rid Of Redness on the Face?

The first step is to book a consultation at Novuskin, your premiere membership MedSpa.

Novuskin’s expert aestheticians give you a complete digital skin analysis and talk about the options available for you. We’ll answer all of your questions and help develop a treatment plan centered around your goals.

Cheek, chin, and nose vein removal treatments are fully customized for your skin type and color.

Contact us today to set up your first appointment.

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    About Novuskin Staff

    At Novuskin, we’re your couperose specialists. We’re ready and waiting to help you get the relief you want and deserve. We can’t wait to see you glow!

    Our team includes licensed medical staff, Aestheticians, Laser Techs, and Beauty Consultants.

    Our aestheticians are highly trained professionals who’ve studied extensively to deliver world-class technological treatments with excellence. Aestheticians are trained to know the physiology of the skin at a cellular level, and to understand the relationship between the science of our bodies and the technological treatments we offer.

    We’ve performed more than 58,000 treatments for our VIP Members.

    You’re in excellent hands at Novuskin.

    Skincare for Redness

    Couperose isn’t caused by poor skin hygiene, but regular and consistent anti-redness skincare will go a long way to slow down the progression of skin thickening and keep other issues like breakouts and aging from developing prematurely.

    Novuskin developed our gentle CTREASURE skincare line that can be used every day. CTreasure is full of the world’s best skincare ingredients like caviar, apple stem cells, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and Matrixyl 3000. CTreasure is highly effective yet gentle enough to be used daily.


    What is telangiectasia?

    Telangiectasia is a skin condition that is characterized by small, widened blood vessels that appear just under the surface of the skin. Telangiectasia is not usually harmful to your health but can cause a number of unpleasant side effects. Some people also find they don’t like the look of their couperose and want the blood vessels removed.

    What is couperose skin? Couperose is the redness associated with the early stages of rosacea. Quite often, rosacea, couperose, and telangiectasia are seen occurring simultaneously.

    What causes redness on the face?

    Anytime we see redness on the skin, it’s caused by an increase in blood flow to the area. When you bump your knee, it turns red because the body sends extra blood cells there to heal the wound — no matter how small it might be!

    Redness on our cheeks or face is no different. Usually, the redness associated with couperose or rosacea is caused by excess blood vessels under the skin. When fragile capillaries in our face widen or break, they allow more blood than necessary to the skin. But instead of the excess blood healing the face, it remains in the tissues and gives you red, flushed cheeks.

    This look can worsen if you’re hot or exercising, if you become embarrassed, or if your skin is oily or dirty. Facial redness causes painful, itchy skin, and can eventually lead to rosacea.

    How long do telangiectasia treatments to remove excess capillaries on the face take?

    Your IPL Photofacial for the removal of broken or excess capillaries on the face will take approximately 45 minutes of time. For many people, just one IPL treatment is enough to destroy the broken vessels. However, it can take as many as four treatments to fully remove your broken capillaries. 

    At Novuskin, we perform a complete digital skin analysis before any treatment you receive and speak to you about what we believe your prognosis and plan of care should look like before you book or pay for any treatments. This means you’ll have a good understanding of how long we think it will take before you’ve got the smooth, even skin you’ve been wanting.

    Does it hurt?

    IPL Photofacial is a non-invasive procedure, but it is mildly uncomfortable. It’s a bit like having a laser treatment, but less intense. During your IPL, a technician will use a handheld device to shine a very bright light onto small sections of your skin, moving around the entire treatment area to break up and remove the capillaries.

    IPL is typically well-tolerated. Each pulse of light feels a little like your face is being snapped with a tiny rubber band. Your aesthetician can adjust the energy level so it’s manageable for you. If at any time you are uncomfortable, need a break, or need the energy turned down, your aesthetician will be happy to accommodate.

    What’s the recovery time after an IPL Facial for redness on the face?

    You shouldn’t need any recovery time after your telangiectasia facial. Usually, clients see a noticeable change in the skin immediately following their treatment which should improve over the coming days. You’ll be able to go directly back to your regular activities with no downtime whatsoever.


    IPL Photofacial aftercare is simple since IPL is a minimally invasive procedure.

    What to do After Your Procedure

    After your IPL facial, you might feel like your skin is slightly sunburnt; you might feel like you have a hot face. This will subside within 24 hours. You can apply cool compresses to your face if it helps you. Sleep on your back and use an extra pillow if your skin is still bothering you at night.

    Some areas of your skin may appear darker in the days following your treatment. Allow these areas to slough off naturally – don’t rub or exfoliate. 

    What Not to do After Professional Redness Treatments

    It’s very important not to expose your treated skin to direct sunlight for 4 weeks after your treatment. Use a high-quality SPF of at least 30 every single day. Wear a hat and sunglasses if you plan to be outdoors.

    You can go back to your regular activities immediately following your treatment, but if possible, try to wait to apply makeup for the day.

    What to Expect After Treatment for Broken Capillaries

    Most people notice an immediate improvement in the look of their skin. Many capillaries can be destroyed and removed after just one treatment. 

    However, in the first 24 hours after your treatment, you might notice:

    • Your face looks a little blotchy, like red patches on the skin. This should fade within 24 hours.
    • Your face feels slightly red like you got a mild sunburn. This should fade within 24 hours.
    • You have dry skin. Drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer. Reapply if necessary.
    • Some areas where there were larger capillaries may appear a bit darker in color. This is normal and you don’t need to be worried. Allow the skin to slough off naturally and it should dissolve within a week or two.

    Are anti-couperose skin treatments safe? What are the side effects and contraindications?

    IPL is very safe for those who are good candidates. Venus Concept IPL technology has built in safety features that ensure simultaneous cooling to keep you comfortable during treatment. If you feel any discomfort, it may be as though very tiny rubber bands are snapping your skin. Each of the technologies used is FDA approved for the indicated uses and is non-invasive. 

    Side Effects

    There are very few side effects of IPL treatment. IPL is very safe and doesn’t pose risks to treatment for suitable candidates. However, you may notice these mild side effects.

    • You may experience mild redness after your treatment that should fade in a few hours.
    • During your treatment, you may feel slight discomfort, like your skin is being pinched or snapped with a tiny rubber band.


    If you experience any of these conditions, you may not be able to have IPL treatments:

    • Implants in the treatment area
    • Photosensitivity
    • Autoimmune disorders that can be triggered by light
    • Excessively tanned skin

    Unfortunately, dark skin tones should avoid IPL treatments, as they can have adverse effects on the skin tone.

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