Six Tips on how to Achieve Bright Eyes for the Holidays

Six Tips on how to Achieve Bright Eyes for the Holidays

We’ve all heard the saying “eyes are the windows to our soul,” but what if our eyes don’t reflect the way we feel inside? No one wants to hear “you look tired” when we aren’t! Tired eyes make us look older, and the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin. This area contains very little subcutaneous fat tissue, making it vulnerable to fine lines, dark circles, & puffiness.

Aging isn’t the only culprit. Many factors contribute to our dark circles and puffiness. Lack of sleep and stress are the most significant influences, especially around the holidays. Late nights at the office, holiday parties, cocktails, shopping & wrapping of gifts is all part of the hustle and bustle over the next few weeks. Here are a few tips to keep your skin and eyes looking bright and refreshed this holiday season:

#1 Get a minimum of 6-8 hours of restful sleep per night

Try sleeping on your back as well; this allows the water that has accumulated throughout the day to disperse evenly throughout the body—alleviating “pooling” around the eyes, causing bags and puffiness as well as swollen ankles. Doing this will allow the necessary time for the skin and underlining tissues to tighten up and rejuvenate.

#2 Stress less

I know this is easier said than done but try to keep stress to a minimum. Stress decreases the skin’s ability to repair & protect itself. Prolonged periods of stress will leave the skin susceptible to collagen breakdown leaving the skin around the eyes very thin and translucent. Capillaries will be more noticeable, resulting in the dreaded dark circle! Inhibited collagen production keeps the skin supple, youthful, and more resilient.

#3 Breathe

Take a deep breath. Lack of oxygen relates to bad circulation (the face is no exception!); this results in dark circles and fluid build-up. Practicing deeper breathing will ensure the body has proper oxygen levels, leaving you with a calmer state of mind and overall well being.

#4 Avoid salty foods, and be aware of your sugar consumption!

Inflammation in the skin occurs when blood sugar levels spike. Sugar can attach itself to protein and lipid molecules resulting in a tangled mess of tough, inflexible skin. When the skin becomes stiff, it will be prone to deep wrinkles.

#5 Stay hydrated!

Drink plenty of water and use a good eye cream. Some products will brighten as well as hydrate the whole area. For eye care, I recommend using the Collagen Booster Eye Serum by CTreasure. While designed for the delicate eye area, this serum is enriched with plant stem cells and natural algae extract; together, these two ingredients will significantly boost skin firmness while smoothing fine lines around the eyes. I also like to use CTreasure’s Illuminating Eye Cream at night. With ingredients rich in Vitamin E and Cavier, this product will brighten and hydrate. You will awake in the morning feeling refreshed with firmer contours.

#6 Micro-Current

Last but certainly not least, come on into Novuskin Med Spa and book your next appointment with our state of the art Micro-current machine. Using “micro” amps of current this treatment will lift, brighten, and tone the area around the eyes. This technology not only focuses on the skin but also targets the underlying muscles beneath. With regular treatments, we can increase collagen and elastin production and diminish dark circles and puffiness.

With these tips, we can all let our eyes shine bright like the stars in the sky this holiday season!

Author: Shannon L. , Novuskin VIP Aesthetician & Laser Tech

Shannon L. Novuskin VIP Aesthetician and Laser Tech