Stimulate the production of collagen and resurface your skin to discover a younger looking you
  • Minimally Invasive, No Downtime
  • Results Within a Few Days
  • Safe for All Skin Types

What is Morpheus8?

SMorpheus8 is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen pproduction using micro pins to penetrate RF frequency into the underlying laqyers of the derms. Tissues of the face and body are remodeled to reveal a more radiant youthfull appearnace.

What areas can be treated?

  • Face
  • Thights
  • Periorbital Area
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

Morpheus8 Technologies


Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive device for fractional coagulation of subcutaneous tissue. Morpheus8 provides an interchangeable portfolio of microneedling tips to deliver customizable fractional treatments.


Morpheus8 Body is designed for deep fractional coagulation of subcutaneous tissue. Morpheus8 Body with 3D Smart Frame and Burst technology provides up to 8mm of deep treatment (thermal profile of 7mm + an additional heat profile of 1mm).


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Treatment Reviews

  • I have been wanting to check out the Morpheus 8 for forever after constantly reading about it in the media and hearing Kim Kardashian repeatedly endorse it for its tightening properties. Over the last six or so months I've started noticing my skin to feel a lot more loose than it's ever been so I decided now at age 37 was the perfect time to really focus on it. I'v...
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  • I was very excited and pleased with the outcome of my first visit. From the initial consultation, the evaluation and actual treatment, I highly recommend NOVUSKIN to everyone. They have a variety of treatment plans to accommodate your needs.
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  • Nina was absolutely amazing job today. I feel safe and she explained well the procedure also the after care. My face feels smooth and glowing. I loved it! Just trust the process, procedure and the products. It takes a while but I’m sure it’s worth it.🥰
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  • I am the happiest I've ever been! I got semaglutide (weight loss treatment) done at Novuskin and honestly it changed my life for the best. If you are overweight and can't stand looking at yourself in the mirror anymore , you should def give it a try.
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Morpheus 8 | Before& After

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