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Red Carpet Facial

A completely natural skin rejuvenation, for an unprecedented glow.

All ages

Once a month or as part of a recommended treatment plan

Results last up to 1 week

Over 7 200 treatments have been done

No downtime

This is a pain-free treatment

45 minutes

Suitable for all skin tones and types

Novuskin, Las Vegas’ premiere membership MedSpa offers a Red Carpet facial that uses a special hydradermabrasion treatment coupled with a complete Fire & Ice session. Hydradermabrasion is among the most widely used and trusted techniques in the world for its remarkable ability to simultaneously and painlessly cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin. To compound the effects and encourage a healthy, radiant glow, the Red Carpet Glow Facial incorporates a complete IS Clinical Fire & Ice facial. Two powerful masks offer resurfaced and hydrated skin for an all-over improved look. One of Novuskin MedSpa center’s most popular procedures, this non invasive facial has virtually no downtime and can dramatically improve skin glow and radiance.

This is the treatment you’ve been waiting for.
Your healthiest-looking skin for a radiant, red-carpet-ready glow.

Red Carpet Glow Machine

The Red Carpet Glow facial blends the remarkable benefits of two of our most popular facial treatments: Fire & Ice and Hydradermabrasion using Venus Glow serums and acids. 

The legendary, FDA-approved Fire & Ice facial is a skin treatment designed to safely resurface and rapidly rejuvenate the skin with little or no downtime. Using two incredibly effective masks, the Fire & Ice resurfacing facial is designed to rapidly and safely produce remarkable results with little or no downtime. IS Clinical Fire & Ice uses facial products for professional use only.

Our hydradermabrasion facial machine is a state of the art, 3-in-one hydra peel system that offers you superb results. ​​HydraFacial uses unique, patented Vortex-Fusion water facial equipment to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and the spiral design delivers painless extractions. 

Hydradermabrasion is a complete all-in-one facial care system designed for customization, with multiple functions that make it possible to treat a diverse range of patients’ needs at high rates of satisfaction. 

Our treatment plans can:

  • combine all four functions to perform a complete treatment.
  • allow practitioners to mix and match the functions based on each patient’s specific needs with minimal contraindications.

Hydradermabrasion’s superior exfoliation results don’t only come from mechanics. Venus Glow uses some of the most effective and beneficial chemicals available as part of the hydradermabrasion fluid matrix to breakdown dead cells and nourish the skin.

Technologies Used

Uses AHA or BHA to provide superior exfoliation, painless extractions, and deep pore cleansing.
Fire Mask
Clinically formulated with potent antioxidants, botanical acids, and niacin to powerfully remove dead cells and resurface the skin without residual peeling.

Red Carpet Facial Treatment

You deserve the red carpet treatment! This advanced skin care treatment combines hydradermabrasion and a complete IS Clinical Fire & Ice facial. During a Red Carpet facial, special hydradermabrasion fluids exfoliate the skin. Meanwhile, minerals nourish and heal the skin from the inside out. Then, Fire & Ice uses two powerful mask applications to give you a glowing complexion. This premium, VIP facial leaves you radiant and ready to take on the world – even the Red Carpet.

Here’s what you can expect from this facial:

Anti Aging
It can help remove wrinkles and fine lines. Laugh lines, crows feet, and skin laxity can all be improved.

Reduces the appearance of acne sores and removes build up causing blackheads.

Hydration & Skin Tone
Your skin will be hydrated, look plump and full, and be radiant and glowing.

Skin will be smooth and even, pores will be cleansed, and skin congestion will be diminished.

Red Carpet Facial Benefits

  • Deeply nourishes to improve the health of the skin
  • Clears acne and treats problematic skin
  • Resurfaced skin for a healthy glow
  • Encourages natural cellular renewal
  • Peels away dead skin and painlessly extracts impurities (bacteria, excess oil, dirt)
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fully hydrates the skin and traps in moisture
  • Skin feels smooth and even in texture
  • Gives you younger looking skin

Have healthier skin with a Red Carpet Glow at Novuskin.

Red Carpet Facial Treatment Reviews

  • Had such a great experience with Katie and Jelena! It's been so long since I've kept up with facials and she did awesome making me feel comfortable and did an amazing job! My skin feels so soft now and looks so much healthier! I'll definitely be coming back for more work here as the entire team was so knowledgeable and professional. I'm very excited for before and ...
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  • I am very new to skin care and all the fun things they offer. I originally came in on a promo they were running on Instagram. I came in did the consultation and voiced my concerns and goals. They went over their recommendations and the different plans they offer. I opted for one of the annual plans that comes with a different service each month that works towards m...
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  • Brenda was extraordinarily kind, educated me on my procedure and most importantly did an amazing job as well. She pays attention to detail and ensured to make me comfortable and was aware of my skin needs. Definitely recommend her. The staff all greeted me kindly, explained scientifically my skin condition and they don't force anything on you. It's all freewill and...
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  • Sabrina is amazing and full of great information to improve my skin. After my treatment my face is glowing and looks amazing!! I'm loving Novuskin.
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  • This place is amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Megan was very helpful in going over what my skin needs to be at its healthiest and the procedures they do are so beneficial for my skin. I have seen a ton of improvement since coming here 3 months ago. Brenda is awesome too. The staff is very professional and accommodating. I am completely sold on this place.
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Before and After

Red Carpet Glow Cost

Red Carpet Glow is a members-only VIP treatment.

Novuskin is a membership-based MedSpa. We believe in a membership model because we believe consistency (regular skin assessments, treatments, and at-home care) is the only way to have truly healthy skin.

Our memberships make sure you get the lowest price available in aesthetic skincare.

Learn more about our affordable Novuskin VIP membership options.

Finance Your Procedure

Celebrities Who Use Red Carpet Skin Care

Novuskin knows that these celebrities use Red Carpet technology to look and feel their best.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Britney Spears

Paris Hilton

Amy Poehler

Beauty is a Feeling

With a Red Carpet Glow facial, feel stunning! Glow! Look radiant, like a star!

About Novuskin Staff

At Novuskin, we’re your Red Carpet Glow specialists. We’re ready and waiting to help you get the relief you want and deserve. We can’t wait to see you glow!

Our team consists of licensed medical staff, Aestheticians, Laser Techs, and Beauty Consultants. 

Our Aestheticians are highly trained professionals who’ve studied extensively to deliver world-class technological treatments with excellence. Aestheticians are trained to know the physiology of the skin at a cellular level, and to understand the relationship between the science of our bodies and the technological treatments we offer.

We’ve performed more than 58,000 treatments for our members.

You’re in excellent hands at Novuskin.


What is a Red Carpet facial?

Novuskin’s Red Carpet facial is a combination of two of our most popular skin care treatments: Hydradermabrasion and an IS Clinical Fire & Ice facial. The Red Carpet facial treatment is designed to help give you instantly fresh, glowing, clearer skin so you can be ready for any event — a big date, your girls night out, or even the Red Carpet!

Is a Red Carpet facial worth it?

We believe our Red Carpet Glow facial is completely worth it because it really works! It is a remarkable, scientifically-proven treatment that is used for immediate, beautiful results. What Novuskin’s Red Carpet treatment can do for you is give you glowing, beautifully clearer skin in just 45 minutes — and it’s great for every skin type and tone, even darker colored skin.

Is Red Carpet Glow painful?

Red Carpet Glow facial typically causes no pain, although it does involve a chemical peel that may cause mild discomfort. This portion of the treatment lasts only a few minutes and most people tolerate it very well.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

You don’t need to do anything specific to prepare for this treatment. However, we do recommend that you avoid chemical peels and retinols as well as sun exposure for at least a week prior to treatment. If you are on accutane or other medication that makes your skin thin or weak, speak to your doctor or aesthetics expert before treatment.

How long is Red Carpet treatment?

Your Red Carpet Glow session time is approximately 45 minutes.

What to expect after Red Carpet skin care

After your treatment, you can expect to have skin that is soft and supple, that looks bright and clear, and has a distinct healthy glow. If you struggle with a skin condition such as acne or rosacea, you’ll find your blemishes and redness are soothed, making them far less noticeable.

Recovery Time

Most people require no healing time after their facial. If you do experience any residual redness, allow your skin to rest and you should feel better within a few hours.

After care

Here’s what to do after your Red Carpet Glow:

Be sure to stay out of direct sun for 5 days. The chemical peel will make your skin more susceptible to burns. Make sure you wear an SPF of 30-50 whenever you need to be in the sun. Avoid retinols and other chemical peels for at least 2 weeks after your session.

You can wear makeup after your session, however, we encourage you to wait at least a few hours before putting on any makeup. Also, be sure to use a moisturizing cream regularly to help maintain the look.

What not to do after procedure?

Be sure to stay out of direct sun for 5 days. The chemical peel will make your skin more susceptible to burns. Make sure you wear an SPF of 30-50 whenever you need to be in the sun. Avoid retinols and other chemical peels for at least 2 weeks after your session. 

How long do Red Carpet facial results last?

Results of your Red Carpet Glow facial last approximately 1 week.

How often should you do this procedure

How often you should use this treatment is up to you. You can have a Red Carpet Glow facial as often as you would like, as frequently as every 2 weeks. You can also use this as a supplement during your treatment plan if you have an event to attend. Most treatment plans would recommend you have this treatment once a month or as needed to get and maintain the look you want.

Is Red Carpet Facial safe? What are the side effects and contraindications?

The dangers and risks of a Red Carpet Glow facial are minimal. For most people, they will only notice positive, beneficial effects of the treatment. 


You should not have a Red Carpet Glow facial if you have cuts or abrasions on your face or have an active rash.

If you have cancer or are pregnant or nursing you are able to safely enjoy Fire & Ice.

Side Effects

There are no specific side effects noted about Red Carpet Glow. It rarely causes any kind of adverse effect. Some minor risks of treatment include mild sensitivity and redness following the treatment which should subside within a few hours.

Pros and Cons

The pros of this treatment are clearly the beautiful results. However, the results can last less time than other technological treatments that have compounding effects. Red Carpet Glow is designed to give you instant results. If you want more dramatic, long-lasting results, you may want to explore other options.

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