Dark Circles Under Eyes & Puffy Eyes

Say Goodbye to Your Tired Look and Hello to Bright, Beautiful Eyes!

Age Most Affected: 25+

For optimal results, 6-12 treatments are needed

Results will last up to 3 months

Over 10 000 treatments have been done

Rehabilitation time: up to 24 hours

Local numbing applied

Suitable for any skin type

Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles Treatment

Mornings can be rough when you wake up with swollen, puffy eyes. When even your second cup of coffee doesn’t help you look more alert and awake, you can rely on Novuskin to help!

Have bright, beautiful, youthful-looking eyes every morning!

At Novuskin, you can find relief from dark circles, swelling, puffy eyes, and under eyes with our scientific, technology-based skincare that treats more than just the symptoms.

No matter your skin type or color, there is a dark circles and puffy eye treatment that’s right for you.

What Are the Symptoms of Puffy Under Eyes and Dark Circles?

Puffy eyes and dark circles are a very common problem, and one many people seek help for. Quite often, puffy eyes and dark circles are attributed to a lack of sleep. While being tired (especially when you are chronically getting too little sleep) can contribute to puffy eyes, there are other reasons why you may be seeing swollen eye circles more often.

As we age, the muscles under our eyes begin to weaken, including those around our eyelids and under our eyes. This leads to two unfortunate outcomes: The fat begins to fall from our upper eyes to our under eyes, so the area under our eyes begins to look puffier. Then, because the muscles are weaker, our skin begins to sag.

If you’ve got saggy eyes, you may be noticing:

  • Tired, heavy-feeling eyes
  • Heavy eyelids or sagging skin under the eyes
  • Dark black or blue circles under eyes
  • Thinning skin around the eyes
  • Swelling around eyes or eye puffiness that doesn’t seem to go away with sleep
  • Early stages or worsening of fine lines or wrinkles (crows feet) around the eyes

Best Treatments for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

You can find temporary relief using topical creams and serums, but after a few hours, you’ll notice their effect wear away, leaving you with the same saggy, puffy eyes you woke up with.

At Novuskin, we use the most advanced, FDA-approved technology and products to help you finally get relief, and get back your confidence.


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  • I am very new to skin care and all the fun things they offer. I originally came in on a promo they were running on Instagram. I came in did the consultation and voiced my concerns and goals. They went over their recommendations and the different plans they offer. I opted for one of the annual plans that comes with a different service each month that works towards m...
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  • Brenda was extraordinarily kind, educated me on my procedure and most importantly did an amazing job as well. She pays attention to detail and ensured to make me comfortable and was aware of my skin needs. Definitely recommend her. The staff all greeted me kindly, explained scientifically my skin condition and they don't force anything on you. It's all freewill and...
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  • Sabrina is amazing and full of great information to improve my skin. After my treatment my face is glowing and looks amazing!! I'm loving Novuskin.
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  • This place is amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Megan was very helpful in going over what my skin needs to be at its healthiest and the procedures they do are so beneficial for my skin. I have seen a ton of improvement since coming here 3 months ago. Brenda is awesome too. The staff is very professional and accommodating. I am completely sold on this place.
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Cost to Remove Under Eye Bags and Redness On Eyelid

Novuskin offers flexible and affordable membership options to keep treatment costs for fixing eye bags and dark circles among the lowest in our industry. At Novuskin, you’ll never worry about unexpected expenses and enormous investments to reach your skincare goals.

Our all inclusive memberships with a set price are the affordable solution you’ve been searching for.

*Cost and payment options are always fully discussed at your initial consultation.

Learn more about our affordable Novuskin VIP membership options.

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Сelebrities with Puffy Bags Under Eyes

Even celebrities get dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes. While they may look flawless on screen, celebrities have all types of skin conditions, including the irritation of waking up with saggy, swollen eyes.

Drew Barrymore

Gal Gadot

Jennifer Lopez

Katie Holmes

Cameron Diaz

Celebrities use the same treatments we offer to help them have bright, youthful-looking eyes.
At Novuskin, we use the world’s best lifting and tightening treatment technology and make it affordable for you!

How Do You Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes and Eye Bags?

The first step is to book a consultation at Novuskin, your premiere membership MedSpa.

Novuskin’s expert aestheticians give you a complete digital skin analysis and talk about the options available for you. We’ll answer all of your questions and help develop a treatment plan centered around your goals.

Eye sagging and dark circle treatments are fully customized for your skin type and color.

Contact us today to set up your first appointment.

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    About Novuskin Staff

    At Novuskin, we’re your under eye lift specialists. We’re ready and waiting to help you get the youthful look you deserve. We can’t wait to see you glow!

    Our team includes licensed medical staff, Aestheticians, Laser Techs, and Beauty Consultants.

    Our aestheticians are highly trained professionals who’ve studied extensively to deliver world-class technological treatments with excellence. Aestheticians are trained to know the physiology of the skin at a cellular level, and to understand the relationship between the science of our bodies and the technological treatments we offer.

    We’ve performed more than 58,000 treatments for our VIP Members.

    You’re in excellent hands at Novuskin.

    Dark Eye Bags Skincare

    Puffy eyes and dark circles aren’t caused by poor skin hygiene, but regular and consistent skincare will go a long way to slow down the progression of droopy eyes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

    Novuskin developed our gentle CTREASURE skincare line that can be used every day. CTreasure is full of the world’s best skincare ingredients like caviar, apple stem cells, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and Matrixyl 3000. CTreasure is highly effective yet gentle enough to be used daily.


    Why are my eyes puffy in the morning?

    Both men and women get puffy eyes, and there are a number of reasons why. Sometimes, having puffy eyes is a temporary condition based on your lifestyle, and other times, it’s a chronic result of aging.

    You may wake up with puffy eyes if you’re overtired or if you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol. Fluid can build up under your eyes leading to edema, or swelling. This temporary puffiness will likely go away within a few hours.

    However, if you have dark circles or puffiness that does not go away in a few hours, you may be suffering from the effects of aging. As we grow older, our eyes begin to lose their muscle tension. This causes sagging and fat retention in the under eyes, giving you puffy-looking circles.

    What causes dark circles under your eyes?

    We can have darkness under our eyes because of simple lifestyle choices or because of more serious premature aging concerns. Oversleeping or not getting enough sleep can cause dark blue, black, or red bags under the eyes. Oversleeping can lead to edema or fluid retention under the eyes because of an extended time spent laying down. Undersleeping can lead to pale skin which makes the blood vessels under the eyes more visible.

    What causes eye bags?

    Eye bags are often caused by fluid retention in the space below the eyes. This happens when you’ve been laying down for a long time, causing the fluid to build up under the eyes. Typically, this goes away within a few hours. Eye bags can also be caused by the effect of aging. When the muscles no longer support a lifted eye structure, you might see sagging or bags under the eyes. This can be skin sagging or it can be fat drifting from the upper eye to the lower eye as the muscles are unable to hold the tissue in place.

    Does treatment for dark circles and eye bags hurt?

    A non-surgical facelift using microcurrent technology doesn’t hurt at all! In fact, it can even be relaxing. Unlike traditional facelifts, a non-surgical facelift doesn’t involve any knives or needles and requires no downtime. The microcurrent gives a bit of a prickly, zingy, electrical feeling. It’s caused by the electrical impulses that are applied to the skin that cause the muscles to react.

    How long does it take?

    Each non-surgical facelift treatment time is about 45 minutes. However, you may need more than one session to see complete, long-lasting results. How many sessions you need will depend on your skin’s current condition and your goals, all of which will be addressed in your consultation.

    Most people need at least 3 treatments to see ideal results. Consistency is important as results are cumulative, meaning the more treatments you have, the better your results will likely be.

    Recovery time after getting rid of bags under the eyes?

    The great news is that unlike traditional facelifts or eye lifts, a microcurrent non-surgical facelift doesn’t require any downtime at all. You can leave the spa and go directly back to work or your regular activities.


    This treatment is non-invasive and causes no pain or side effects, but following your microcurrent facial, skin care is essential. You are welcome to return to your regular activities immediately, but please try to keep your skin clean and free of makeup for at least a day if possible. 

    You might feel a bit sleepy after your treatment, but usually that wears off in about 20 minutes. 

    What To Do After Your Procedure

    As with all facial treatments, be sure to wear sunscreen following your session. We recommend wearing an SPF of 30-50 every day of your life!. Make sure you drink plenty of water as this will help your skin heal, and also help wake you up if you’re feeling drowsy.

    What Not To Do After Professional Dark Eye Bag Treatment

    After your treatment, try to avoid direct sunshine. Wear an SPF of 30-50 if you need to go outside. If you can, try not to wear any makeup the day of your treatment.

    What to Expect After Treatment to Reduce Puffy Eyes

    After you’ve had a microcurrent facial to reduce puffy eyes, you’ll likely notice that your face looks fuller and firmer. This is because the facial will increase the blood circulation to your skin. You may also be slightly red, but that should fade within a few hours. 

    Over time, and the more treatments you have, you’ll notice the effects of the treatment taking effect. Within a week to two weeks, you’ll notice your skin firming and tightening, your face appearing more contoured, and your eye bags and puffiness around your eyes disappearing.

    After your treatment, you might feel a little bit sleepy but you should feel back to normal in about 20 minutes.

    How long does it take to remove dark circles under eyes permanently?

    If you’re prone to looking dark around the eyes, you likely can’t truly remove them completely. However, you can have excellent results if you continue to get regular treatments. When you stop your treatment plan, it’s possible that eventually your dark circles will return, so be sure to complete your full series of treatments.

    You’ll find that results of our microcurrent non-surgical facial are cumulative, meaning that the more treatments you have, the better your results will be. Your aesthetician will help you understand how many treatments you’ll need to look and feel your best.

    Is a microcurrent facial safe? What are the side effects and contraindications?

    There are very few negative side effects from microcurrent facials. They have always been considered extremely safe. However, you may notice a few physical changes after your treatment that you should be aware of.

    Side Effects

    Following your treatment, you may feel sleepy, similar to how you might feel after a massage. It’s unlikely but possible that you may feel slightly nauseated as well. This is because your muscles and lymph system have been highly stimulated and your circulation has increased. Your body has detoxified and removed a lot of waste products very quickly. Generally, these symptoms dissolve within a few hours of treatment. 

    If you notice any adverse side effects, drink plenty of water and rest.


    Microcurrent facials are considered extremely safe and for good candidates, side effects are extremely unlikely. For healthy candidates, a microcurrent facial series is typically very well received and produces excellent results. However, people who experience any of these contraindications should not have a microcurrent non-surgical facelift.

    • Epilepsy or seizure disorders
    • Pacemaker or other electronic implants
    • Blood clots (thrombosis)
    • Metal plates or implants in the treatment area
    • Phlebitis
    • Cancer (previous or current)
    • Cardiovascular issues
    • Braces, recent dental work
    • If you are under a physician’s care for any kind of disorder or disease

    Pregnant or nursing women should not have a microcurrent facial. Those with HIV/AIDS should refrain from having a microcurrent facial.

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