Healthy Skin: The Benefits of Roses

Healthy Skin: The Benefits of Roses

It is no wonder why we as women love a big beautiful bouquet of roses. We receive them as a sign of endearment – a token of love, they uplift our spirits when we are sick or turn back a tear when given with an apology. However, physiologically speaking, there are many health benefits we can attain from roses.

The scent of rose calms, soothes, and relaxes the mind and spirit. When diffused into the air, it helps with depression and relieves anxiety by lowering the concentrations of cortisol (a stress-related hormone). Within the traditional and holistic beliefs of Hindu medicine, also known as Aryuvedic medicine, roses have long been known to be a potent aphrodisiac. The mere sight and smell of rose invoke romantic feelings, which in turn boosts libido by releasing dopamine in the brain.

In skincare rose oils can be used in a multitude of ways. Rosewater is a natural astringent used to cleanse, tone, and tighten pores without the drying effects of alcohol. Rose oils have high levels of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin cells from damage caused by the sun. Rose inhibits pigmentation and acts as a sun protectant. 

Rosehip oil, in particular, is chock full of fatty acids. Fatty acids help the skin retain moisture. (Rosehip oil is derived from pressing the seeds instead of the leaves). Our skin can easily absorb rose oil allowing it to penetrate even the deepest layers making it an excellent moisturizer. Even the most sensitive skin type can combat the effects of dry, itchy skin.

Rose oil and rose water are extraordinary for acne and acne-prone skin because of their natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This skin type will benefit if the outer layer or barrier of their skin has become dry due to overuse of products designed to strip oil, which is why the rose is used to calm and soothe skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema. Being naturally fragrant rose oil alleviates the need for chemically enhanced fragrances found in beauty products, making this an excellent alternative for those with sensitive skin or us hippies at heart that dig anything and everything natural! 

Here are some fun ways to incorporate rose to enhance our lives:

  • Sip on rosehip tea
  • Soak in a bath with about ten drops of rose essential oil
  • Spritz rose-scented linen spray on pillows and sheets. 
  • Create a calming mask: soak eight rose petals in 3-4 tablespoons of water for 2-3 hours. Mash petals into the water then mix with three tablespoons of honey. Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes.

Roses have enriched our lives from ancient times in history to the present. What wouldn’t we do for love? The love of ourselves, the love for others, and the love of our health. This beautiful flower gives us it’s all; this includes the petals, rosewater, essential oil, and seed pods. Cheers to the rose!

Products I love:

Micellar Rose Water Gentle Make-up Remover by CTREASURE.

This product removes traces of make-up with little effort leaving the skin clean, refreshed, and dewy. The rose oil smells lovely and is great for all skin types.

Fresh Cut Roses, this candle by YANKEE is divine. 

The fragrance is not overpowering, and the scent lifts my spirits every time I light it.

Rosewater Linen and Room Spray by CRABTREE & EVELYN. 

This product brings back soothing memories of my childhood, as this is my mom’s favorite.

Author: Shannon L. , Novuskin VIP Aesthetician & Laser Tech

Shannon L. Novuskin VIP Aesthetician and Laser Tech