Skincare and Technology Choosing an At-Home Gadget

Skincare and Technology: Choosing an At-Home Gadget

There’s a watch that tracks your blood pressure and a kitchen appliance for just about everything. So why don’t we use technology in our skincare routine? Based on the products and gadgets sold today, we’re living in the stone age of skincare, when our entire lives are filled with technology. It’s time to kick this old-fashioned approach to caring for your skin.

Science Meets Skincare

What the most skincare brands won’t tell you is that their products likely only sit on the surface of your skin, or the outermost layer called the epidermis. Sure, this can help because your skin can retain some of its natural moisture easier. But that doesn’t actually add any hydration or nutrients to your skin. Insert the need for a more advanced solution.

At-Home Devices like CTreasure

At-Home Devices

In addition to using high quality products like CTreasure which uses nano-technology, some at-home skin care gadgets claim to provide results. However, not all devices are created equal. Studies show that certain LED lights and electromagnetic fields have healing properties. Just because the science backs it up doesn’t mean all devices on the market are truly delivering.

How It Works

Your skin has the ability to recharge and regenerate when the correct forces are applied. Both electromagnetic currents and some LED lights have been used in healthcare for decades to treat injuries and accelerate the body’s natural repairing process. Now, many at-home devices claim to deliver these treatments. It seems easy. Shine a light and sit on a magnet and you’re going to see results, right? Wrong.

Don’t Be Fooled

There are many at-home skin care devices that claim to use these energies, but fail to provide any actual results. Meaning the science gets stigmatized as imposters get rich. Don’t be fooled by gadgets that deliver nothing but a lie. Simply writing “galvanic machine” or “sonic massager” in the product description doesn’t mean the science is backing it up. Here’s how you can pick the right at home skincare device.

  1. Batteries won’t cut it. If the device is battery operated, it won’t be able to send strong enough signals to affect the skin. It should be rechargeable or use a power outlet.
  2. LED Light Therapy uses only infrared and antimicrobial lights. If the light doesn’t measure up, it’s not going to work on your skin.
  3. Electrode magnets must reconnect with your hand. To complete the electromagnetic current, the device must have a metal grounding plate. Any gadget that has an all plastic handle is just a toy.
  4. Positive and negative charges have different effects. The device you choose should have both.
  5. Sonic alone does not penetrate skin. The vibrations feel nice, but are not doing anything for the health of your skin.

Choosing Your At-Home Skincare Gadget

Choosing Your At-Home Skincare Gadget

After you know the facts, most devices won’t meet the professional criteria. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get real results at home with an effective gadget. If you’re interested in an at home galvanic current or LED light device, the Biolong by CTreasure ticks all the boxes for a results-driven device.

This five in one machine can fit in your purse, but delivers medical grade treatments. The Biolong At-Home Galvanic and LED Light Therapy machine is available exclusively at Novuskin Las Vegas. Click the link below to set up your free consultation and learn how you can have the power of technology added to your skincare regimen.