Venus Glow

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Get natural results with Venus Glow.

All ages

Once a month or as part of a recommended treatment plan

 This treatment provides 3-4 weeks of exfoliation and pore cleanings. 

Over 5 760 treatments have been done

No downtime

This is a painless treatment

45 minutes

Suitable for all skin tones and types

Venus Glow™ facial rejuvenation is a painless, deep-cleansing treatment that combines a number of simultaneous processes to completely revitalize the skin from the inside out. Venus Glow uses a gentle vacuum, a 360-degree rotating tip, and ultra-fine jet streams of purified water to simultaneously open and deep-clean pores. To boost circulation and remove dead cells, the rotating tip gently but effectively massages the skin. As the tip rotates, two extremely fine jet streams deliver purified water deep into the pores to remove excess oil and build-up. The vacuum removes the excess purified water, oil, and debris, revealing fully cleansed, healthier-looking skin. Venus Glow is coupled with use of Fire & Ice, two powerful mask applications. The Fire mask is clinically formulated to resurface the skin, full of potent antioxidants, botanical acids, and niacin. The Ice mask soothes, nourishes, and hydrates, leaving the skin hydrated and fully refreshed, for a healthy glow.

This is the treatment you’ve been waiting for.
Fully detoxified. Fully rejuvenated. Fully confident. Venus Glow is your choice for the complete renewal of your skin.

Venus Glow Machine

The Venus Glow™ machine is listed by the FDA as a Class 1 device. It is a powerful, treatment modality that consists of three separate processes, working in tandem to provide full rejuvenation and resurfacing of the skin. Venus Glow provides a dermal renewal by opening up and deep-cleaning pores, removing daily dirt and debris, dry or dead skin cells, and excess sebum. This contributes to fewer clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Venus Glow uses:

  • 360-Degree rotating tip
  • Two powerful, ultra-fine jet streams
  • Adjustable vacuum

Each of these serves a specific role in providing superior resurfacing results by loosening and extracting dirt and debris from the pores and fully exfoliating the skin. 

The Venus Glow machine is fully customizable so each client’s individual skin conditions are optimally treated.

Technologies Used

Uses AHA or BHA to provide superior exfoliation, painless extractions, and deep pore cleansing.
Fire & Ice
Uses two use of two powerful resurfacing and nourishing mask applications to resurface the skin, help clear congestion, and even tone.

Venus Glow Treatment

Venus Glow is a completely safe and extremely effective treatment for aiding in skin rejuvenation and revitalization. Using hydradermabrasion, Venus Glow helps smooth the skin using advanced exfoliation techniques so wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable, the surface of the skin is smoother and more even, and acne and blemishes are minimized. 

Here’s what you can expect from this treatment:

Anti Aging
It can help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Acne and Acne Scarring
The appearance of acne blemishes and scarring will be reduced and the skin will look smoother and more even.

Texture and Tone
Increased circulation and decongestion of pores will leave your skin tone even and radiant.

Treatment Benefits

  • Nourishes skin 
  • Increases hydration
  • Treats problematic, blemished skin
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Completely exfoliates and resurfaces for smoother, even texture
  • Painless extractions minimize pores
  • Improves the look of pigmentation and evens tone
  • Clears acne & improves the look of acne scarring
  • Encourages natural cellular renewal
  • Increases circulation and decongests skin for a healthy, radiant glow

Have healthier skin with a Venus Glow treatment at Novuskin.


  • I bought the platinum membership and it was the best treat I ever gave myself.. I got so much included in the membership and got this gift set that is really amazing. The creams I love so much especially the night cream. My forehead wrinkles are less visible when I started using the product. I was always afraid of microneedling, but after trying it here at Novuskin...
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  • Got my T-shock today and the treatment feels great! My face felt tighter and plumper. Gabriella, my aesthetician was very good and took care of me really well. Staff was accommodating and approachable too!
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  • This was my first time coming in for a promotional facial. I was very impressed. I didn't know what to expect but everyone was very friendly and helpful. My skin feels wonderful! No pressure to purchase their membership! I'll definitely consider purchasing.
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  • This is a marvelous place. Welcoming and nicely decorated. Katie and Gabi were awesome to talk to and learn more about the services offered. I felt cared about and under no pressure to sign up, which is refreshing. These ladies were very informative, the room was nice temperature and nice soft lighting. Gabi talked to me through the procedure and was quite gentle. ...
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  • This place is amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Megan was very helpful in going over what my skin needs to be at its healthiest and the procedures they do are so beneficial for my skin. I have seen a ton of improvement since coming here 3 months ago. Brenda is awesome too. The staff is very professional and accommodating. I am completely sold on this place.
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Venus Glow Cost

Venus Glow is a members-only VIP treatment.

Novuskin is a membership-based MedSpa. We believe in a membership model because we believe consistency (regular skin assessments, treatments, and at-home care) is the only way to have truly healthy skin.

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Celebrities Who Use Venus Concept

Novuskin knows that these celebrities use Venus Concept treatments to look and feel their best.

Cara Delevingne

Sofía Vergara

Bridget March

Beauty is a Feeling

With Venus Glow, feel radiant. Confident. You’ll look glowing like a star!

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At Novuskin, we’re your Venus Glow specialists. We’re ready and waiting to help you get the relief you want and deserve. We can’t wait to see you glow!

Our team consists of licensed medical staff, Aestheticians, Laser Techs, and Beauty Consultants. 

Our Aestheticians are highly trained professionals who’ve studied extensively to deliver world-class technological treatments with excellence. Aestheticians are trained to know the physiology of the skin at a cellular level, and to understand the relationship between the science of our bodies and the technological treatments we offer.

We’ve performed more than 58,000 treatments for our members.

You’re in excellent hands at Novuskin.


What is a Venus Glow treatment?

Venus Glow is a skin resurfacing treatment that uses three individual yet simultaneous modalities to revitalize the skin from the inside out. A gentle vacuum, a 360-degree rotating tip, and ultra-fine jet streams of purified water are used to simultaneously open and deep-clean your pores. While the rotating tip helps to increase local circulation and remove dead cells, two jet streams, each finer than the width of a pore, deliver purified water deep into the pores. These jet streams work like a gentle pressure washer to remove excess oil and debris trapped in the pores. Meanwhile, a gentle vacuum removes the excess water, oil, and build-up, revealing fully cleansed, healthy-looking skin.

What does a Venus Glow treatment look like?

Your technician will fully cleanse your skin and begin applying the Venus Glow three-in-one treatments to fully extract, cleanse pores, and exfoliate the skin. Following, The IS Clinical Fire & Ice masks are applied; first the fire, then the ice. The Fire mask is clinically formulated to resurface the skin, removing dead cells without residual peeling, so there is no downtime. The Ice mask soothes, nourishes, and hydrates leaving the skin hydrated and fully refreshed, for a healthy glow.

Is Venus Glow safe? What are the side effects and contraindications?

Venus Glow is completely non-invasive and pain-free. It is generally considered a relaxing treatment with no side effects. You should avoid Venus Glow if you:

  • Have open sores, infections, or rash in your treatment areas
  • If you take medication for acne or other skin conditions

Who’s a good candidate for a Venus Glow treatment?

Venus Glow is good for everyone! If you have blemished skin, acne scars, dull, lifeless tone, or just want a glow up, Venus Glow will give you the beautiful, radiant skin you’re after. Venus Glow is perfectly safe on all skin types and tones.

How do you prepare?

There is nothing special you need to do to prepare for Venus Glow. Just arrive for your appointment with clean skin, free of makeup and lotions. If you are coming from work or somewhere where you’ll be wearing makeup, you’ll be able to remove it at the spa. It’s best to avoid using products with retinol or acid, and to avoid waxing on the treatment area five days before and after this treatment.


Following your treatment, you should be able to return to your regular schedule immediately. If you must wear makeup, please apply it lightly for 24 hours. Your skin may be slightly red for an hour or two, but will quickly calm down. Please be sure to wear an SPF of at least 30 daily for at least 2 weeks following your treatment. Avoid retinol or acid peels for 5 days following your treatment.

How soon can you see results from a Venus Glow facial?

Results from Venus Glow are instant and will continue to be seen for 2-4 weeks following your treatment. The benefits of Venus Glow will compound with additional treatments. 

How long will the results last?

Venus Glow is an ongoing treatment that exfoliates and cleanses while minimizing pore size. Regular monthly visits are needed to keep the pores clean and the skin exfoliated, as an advanced alternative to painful extractions. To maintain the look, your aesthetician will develop a complete treatment plan.

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