Cold therapy for more nourished, balanced skin.

All ages

Once a month or as part of a recommended treatment plan

Results last a few hours to a few days 

Over 34 560 treatments have been done

No downtime

This is a pain free treatment

10 minutes

Suitable for all skin tones and types

Novuskin, Las Vegas’ premiere membership MedSpa offers cryo therapy, a popular procedure that can be added on to almost any of our facial treatments. Cryotherapy is a procedure that uses cold temperatures to create beneficial changes in the skin. Novuskin’s Cold Hammer is used to apply cold to the skin after the application of nourishing serums and hydrating products to lock in moisture and active ingredients, improve blood circulation, calm inflammation, and shrink pores.

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Cryotherapy Machine

Novuskin’s cold hammer equipment is a dual purpose machine that also emits hot energy. The FDA-approved system has the capability of emitting temperatures between -10 and 40°C. 

The hot and cold hammer cryotherapy facial machine has a small handheld wand with a flat round end that is applied gently to the treatment area. It has a temperature control feature that can be specifically adjusted to meet the needs of each individual client

Technologies Used

Cold Energy
Uses cold temperatures to create an instant restriction in blood flow to an area, causing the blood vessels and pores to quickly restrict and close

Cryotherapy Treatment

Cold hammer cryotherapy is used for the treatment of sensitive skin, or help with shrinking enlarged pores. For those who suffer from acne or other skin conditions, cold hammer can help lock in nourishing ingredients to help you heal faster and to give the deep layers of skin a healthy boost of necessary vitamins and minerals. Almost all of Novuskin’s face treatments can have cold hammer therapy added on as part of the treatment. Our cryotherapy cold hammer isn’t painful and it’s completely non-invasive. A hand-held device with a flat round end is placed on the face. It’s gently moved up and down the skin, releasing a constant burst of cold energy. The cold creates an instant restriction in blood flow to the area. This forces the pores to restrict and close, locking the nourishing active ingredients and moisturizers inside the skin.

Here’s what you can expect from this facial:

Your skin will be deeply hydrated and look full and plump

Treatment Benefits

  • Increased blood flow
  • Complete hydration of the skin
  • Advantage of extra nourishment
  • Soothed, calmed skin
  • Beneficial for all facials including anti aging treatments

Have healthier skin with
a Cryotherapy treatment at Novuskin.

Cryotherapy Reviews

  • I have been wanting to check out the Morpheus 8 for forever after constantly reading about it in the media and hearing Kim Kardashian repeatedly endorse it for its tightening properties. Over the last six or so months I've started noticing my skin to feel a lot more loose than it's ever been so I decided now at age 37 was the perfect time to really focus on it. I'v...
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  • Nina was absolutely amazing job today. I feel safe and she explained well the procedure also the after care. My face feels smooth and glowing. I loved it! Just trust the process, procedure and the products. It takes a while but I’m sure it’s worth it.🥰
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  • If you need any anesthetics done, please ask Jocelyn. She is by far the best injector ever ever. She is very knowledgeable and will actually take her time to explain all procedures and products. Jocelyn is a great addition to the novuskin family. Thank you, Jocelyn!!! You definitely made my day!!!!❤️❤️❤️
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  • I am the happiest I've ever been! I got semaglutide (weight loss treatment) done at Novuskin and honestly it changed my life for the best. If you are overweight and can't stand looking at yourself in the mirror anymore , you should def give it a try.
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Before and After

Cryotherapy Cost

Cold Hammer is a members-only VIP treatment.

Novuskin is a membership-based MedSpa. We believe in a membership model because we believe consistency (regular skin assessments, treatment sessions, and at-home care) is the only way to have truly healthy skin. Membership offers significantly reduced prices on cryotherapy treatment costs.

Learn more about our affordable Novuskin VIP membership options.

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Celebrities Who Use Cryotherapy

Novuskin knows that these celebrities use сryotherapy to look and feel their best.

Alicia Keys

Mandy Moore

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Alba

Will Smith

Beauty is a Feeling

With Cold Hammer, feel healthy. Soothed and protected. Radiant, like a star!

About Novuskin Staff

At Novuskin, we’re your cryotherapy specialists. We’re ready and waiting to help you get the relief you want and deserve. We can’t wait to see you glow!

Our team consists of licensed medical staff, Aestheticians, Laser Techs, and Beauty Consultants. 

Our Aestheticians are highly trained professionals who’ve studied extensively to deliver world-class technological treatments with excellence. Aestheticians are trained to know the physiology of the skin at a cellular level, and to understand the relationship between the science of our bodies and the technological treatments we offer.

We’ve performed more than 58,000 treatments for our members.

You’re in excellent hands at Novuskin.


What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy refers to any procedure that uses cold temperatures to create beneficial changes in the skin. Sometimes extreme cold cryotherapy is also used to treat skin cancer or remove skin tags and warts. Cryo therapy can also refer to the use of cold to help restrict blood flow for a short duration of time. Novuskin’s Cold Hammer is used to apply cold to the skin after the application of nourishing serums and hydrating products to lock in moisture and active ingredients, improve blood circulation, calm inflammation, and shrink pores. 

How does cryotherapy work? When cold is applied to the skin, the body creates an instant reaction wherein it restricts the blood flow to the area. This restriction creates a cascade of events including forcing the closure and shrinkage of the pores.

Does cryotherapy work?

Yes, Novuskin’s cold hammer cryotherapy really works to help lock in moisture and shrink pores. Cold hammer is effective at helping to soothe irritated or reactive skin. Cold hammer doesn’t cause any pain and works to help provide you with a beneficial skin treatment add-on that elevates the effectiveness of your facial.

How cold is cryotherapy?

Novuskin’s cold hammer cryotherapy does not use the deep cold temperatures that are used for medical procedures. Instead, it uses cold, but still comfortable, temperatures that can be used safely on the skin during a regular facial treatment.

Is cryotherapy painful?

Novuskin’s cold hammer therapy causes no pain. It is very gentle and relaxing.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

The best thing you can do to prepare for your treatment is to have clean skin that’s free of oil and makeup. Luckily, our aestheticians will thoroughly cleanse your skin before your treatment to ensure your skin is prepared to get the most benefit out of your session.

How Long is Cryosculpting?

Your cold hammer cryotherapy session time is about 10 minutes and is used during your 45 minute facial treatment.

What to Expect After Cryosculpting

The after effects of cryotherapy are that your skin will be soothed and calm. You may find your skin is noticeably hydrated and that the effects of your facial last longer because of the cold hammer.

Recovery Time

With Novuskin’s cold hammer cryotherapy, there is no healing time necessary. There should be no residual pain after cryotherapy using a cold hammer.


There is nothing specific you need to do following your treatment. We will apply a nourishing and hydrating cream to your skin to help lock in the effects of the treatment. Any specific aftercare instructions will be given to you by your aesthetician. 

What not to do after cryosculpting?

After any of our treatments, we recommend you stay out of direct sun for at least a week and be sure to wear an SPF of 30-50 if you will be in the sun.

How Often Should You Do This Procedure

You can use Novuskin’s cold hammer cryotherapy as often as you would like and during most of your recommended skin treatments. You should use cryotherapy when you feel especially dry or when your skin looks dull.

Is cryotherapy covered by insurance?

No, Novuskin’s cold hammer treatment is not covered by insurance.

Is cryotherapy safe? What are the side effects and contraindications?

Novuskin’s cold hammer is not dangerous and typically, there are no risks of this cryotherapy. 

Cryotherapy Contraindications

There are no contraindications for cold hammer treatments. It is safe to use the cold hammer even if you have cancer (including skin cancer) and can be used during pregnancy. 

Cryotherapy Side Effects

There are generally no adverse effects or complications related to cold hammer treatment. Any negative effects of cryotherapy are generally associated with deep cold cryotherapy and not with cold hammer skin treatments.

Pros and Cons

There are generally no negative associations with cold hammer therapy, unless you experience a condition that makes cold exceptionally painful or dangerous for your skin. 

The pros are that you can have better hydrated and nourished skin, and that the results from your facial can be extended longer than usual.

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