Fight Hair Loss & Thinning Hair With Safe & Effective, FDA Cleared Laser Light Technology!

Age Most Affected: 35-70

For optimal results,
12 to 36 treatments


No downtime required

Pain free treatment

Suitable for men and women

About the Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment

Laser Hair Regrowth  Therapy is a non-chemical, non-invasive treatment that is being used commonly for the treatment of hair loss. LLLT (low level laser therapy) is delivered by a device that contains panels of lasers that shine on the scalp. Novuskin offers  a very high-end laser hair loss treatment system, based on 650nm and 670nm low level diode laser technology.

LLLT Low Level 650nm / 670nm Diode Laser Therapy Hair Regrowth Application:

  • Male pattern baldness (Androgenic Alopecia)
  • Female pattern baldness (female-pattern alopecia)
  • Thinning hair
  • Damaged or broken hair
  • Alopecia areata
  • Traction Alopecia

Woman suffering from hair loss. Treatment of hair problems

What causes thin hair and moderate baldness?

  • Family history (heredity)
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions
  • Medications and supplements
  • Radiation therapy to the head
  • Stressful events
  • Hairstyles and treatments

Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Reviews

  • Shannon was amazing and so helpful! I loved my treatment and can feel a difference already. My face feels smooth and like it has more lift. Even my husband noticed! 🙂
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  • Wow! A truly extraordinary experience! Loved every minute of it. The staff is professional and friendly. I loved how they explained everything they were doing as my facial was being completed. My tech was amazing! This is THE PLACE TO GET YOUR facials! I highly recommend Novuskin Med Spa!
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  • Loved all of my experiences here! My esthetician is always coming through and making my skin look amazing! The customer service is quick and the appointments are handled on time so no long waits! Highly recommend Novuskin Med Spa.
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  • I had such a great experience with Novuskin Med Spa! My tech was so welcoming and easy to talk too. She made me feel very comfortable. She did such a wonderful job on my skin. I couldn’t be any more happier. I highly recommend Novuskin Med Spa.
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  • Highly recommend Novuskin Med Spa and I had a great experience. This was my first time getting a treatment from them and it was not only relaxing but made my skin feel clean and rejuvenated. The esthetician gave me recommendations and feedback after my treatment which made it feel very personal. The prices are reasonable too! Thank you!
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Laser Hair Regrowth Before & After