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  • Optimize hair growth environment
  • Activate hair follicles
  • Eliminate bacteria
  • Stimulate immune cell function
  • Strengthen hair
  • Thicken hair


hair restoration by novuskin in partnership with bosely


Hair Restoration by Novuskin is our new medical-grade protocol to prevent and treat hair loss.

Hormones, dry skin, genetics, smoking, vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, stress, infections… There are many causes for premature hair loss, especially for adult men and women.

Our members asked about ways to address this. And we found this unique non-invasive technology primarily used in several other countries.

woman looking at clump of hair in distress

woman receiving laser hair treatment

The Diode Laser is used to treat hair loss all over the world.

It prevents hair loss, effectively stimulating the hair follicles, regulating the oil secretion, accelerating hair growth, enhancing hair strength, density and elasticity. You’ll have healthy, thick, and shiny hair like never before.

The growth and loss of hair may seem like a simple process, but the hair growth cycle comprises four distinct phases. These stages of hair growth have been studied in great depth to understand hair growth better and what one can do to prevent or treat premature hair loss.

Our protocol recommends weekly visits for optimal results after 3 months of treatment (average).

See these amazing results!

hair restoration before and after 9 months

hair restoration before and after 6 months

Bosely professional strength product line

Hair Restoration by Novuskin partnered with Bosley to provide you with the best hair growth products.

Bosley hair products  are for professional use. We carefully chose them to compliment our Hair Restoration by Novuskin treatments to encourage hair growth and give you the best and quickest results.

Founded in 1974, Bosley is the largest hair restoration practice in the United States. For more than 45 years, Bosley physicians have focused on the art and science of hair restoration for both men and women, utilizing innovative, artistic, and scientific techniques. With more than 9 million satisfied customers  (with patients from all 50 states and 60 foreign countries), Bosley has helped hundreds of thousands find a  solution for their hair loss.

Medical team - Novuskin

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