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What Our Clients Have To Say

“…I really enjoy my facial sessions and always feel so relaxed after my treatments. The results 
are incredible”

Sandra K.

“…Everyone is so nice and passionate about skin health. I never knew I could learn so much in one visit…”

Brittani S.

“…The staff is amazing and make sure you know what’s going on throughout your treatments…”

Relito R.

About Our Amazing Team

Over 85,000
Treatments performed

One of the Largest Medical spas in the State of Nevada

3000+ Satisfied Novuskin Members (and growing)

Novuskin is a top-rated Medspa in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in face and body solutions using the most advanced technology available.

With over 30+ treatment options that target all skin types and skin concerns, there’s no skin issue we can’t fix.

At Novuskin we take a different approach, we are a beauty community that’s dedicated to the comfort and care of our patients. Helping our patients reach their goals is the core of our business. Our values are professionalism, education, and friendly service that delivers real results. We are a one of a kind, all-inclusive membership club. We don’t believe in hidden charges or add-ons.

At Novuskin you’re more than just a customer. You’re part of a community that prides itself on getting real results. Your success is ours!

Your Five-Star Experience
STEP 1: Get a Free Body Analysis

We use a bioelectric impedance technology to analyse your unique body composition including fat, muscle, bone, and water mass.

This 15-minute assessment also checks your visceral fat, BMR, and metabolic age for an accurate understanding of which treatment is best for your body.

STEP 2: Enjoy Your Treatment

Most people have an area of stubborn fat on their body, an area that has resisted all efforts through diet and exercise but just doesn’t seem to go.

Slim Tight By Novuskin works best on addressing those areas. Experience the wonderful benefits with results that can be seen immediately afterward.

STEP 3: Customized Treatment Plan

Your skin is uniquely yours and comes with its own set of concerns. Our diagnostics specialist will guide you and provide you with a personal treatment plan tailored to address your specific needs and concerns.

You’ll also receive a membership consultation where we discuss your long-term skincare goals.

What Our Members Have To Say
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VIP Platinum Member

– Kathy N –
VIP Platinum Member

– Relito Robles –
VIP Gold Member
Body Analysis Explained
A Healthy Body Begins With Knowledge

Your body is like no one else’s. Our personalized assessment gives you the insight into your skin’s unique needs that will enable you to make smarter, more effective decisions when it comes to skin care.

How Our Technology Driven Analysis Works

It’s as easy as taking a selfie.

Our diagnostic tool uses machine learning to analyse your skin and help you discover treatments that are right for you.

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Your Personalized Recommendations

Once you receive your assessment, we’ll recommend treatments that target your most prominent skin concerns.

Along with steps to complete your skincare regimen.

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